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from 01.01.22 to 20.09.22

The Riviera of Amusement Parks

The Riviera Romagnola is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to spend a holiday with your children and friends. Besides the numerous activities that can be practiced along the golden beaches or in the immediate hinterland, fromRavenna to Cattolica there are11 parks and attractions which distinguish this areaelecting it as the largest "ecosystem" of entertainment in EuropeIgea Marina is a strategic point because it is located in the center of this world!!!

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Starting from Mirabilandia, visitors will have the possibility to enjoy the numerous attractions of the largest funfair in Italy. You can then continue with the wild animals of the zoological parkSafari Ravenna, until you plunge into the colorful world ofHouse of Butterflies of Cervia or in the enchanting natural environment of its salt pans, populated by rare species such as the famous pink flamingos.

In Rimini, withinItaly in Miniatureyou can take a tour of some of the most famous monuments in Europe or, if you move to the seashore, you can climb to the top of the bigFerris Wheelto admire the entire Riviera at a glance.

But the surprises do not end here. If the magic ofFiabilandiathe breathtaking slides of Aquafanandthe aquatic animals of Aquafan.Atlanticathe aquatic animals ofOltremareand thespectacular underwater world of theCattolica's Aquariumwill leave even older people breathless.

Are you ready for many new adventures?

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Over the years we have given more and more attention to the fun holidays:

  • we offer the possibility to buy tickets for all the amusement parks at discounted prices, tickets that also allow you to avoid the queues at the ticket offices.
  • possibility to replace lunches with convenient travel baskets with what you like best
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